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JiVE Peak campaign

JiVE Peak campaign South Africans are one-of-a-kind. And the nicknames we give each other are too. But often these nicknames live nowhere except conversations and inside jokes.    We decided that it was time they get the spotlight they deserve. So, we put our inclusivity into practice and put the real names of real people […]

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nandos make the table bigger Our constitution says, ‘South Africa belongs to all who live in it, united in our diversity’. But the reality is that 27 years later, we still need to get to know each other in a more authentic way beyond played out ‘Rainbow Nation’ stereotypes. Nando’s Make The Table Bigger is

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SUNFOIL TRADITIONAL TASTES BETTER To prove that Tradition Just Tastes better, we created a campaign targeting the thing that’s definitely not part of your mom’s recipe: the air fryer. Through beautiful illustrations that feature a different persona from each culture group in South Africa, we proved that some foods were meant to be made with

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rawson time to move When it’s time to move, it just is. There doesn’t have to be a big philosophical reason or a massive life change. Sometimes it can be the small, inconvenient, or annoyingly random things – like a racket of hadedas that have made your home, theirs. In these social videos for Rawson,

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JiVE – Dala your colour

Jive dala your colour A tribute to a community that will never be stripped of its identity again. JiVE is the Western Cape’s most colourful soda. To launch their summer campaign – #DalaYourColour (Show your colour with pride) – we did something drastic. We painted the famous colourful houses of the Bo-Kaap, completley stark white.

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SUNSHINE D TATSE NICE NO LIES If your taste buds could speak, what would they say? Well, one thing is for sure, we don’t think they’d ever lie. Especially not after tasting Sunshine D. With this campaign we gave taste buds a voice and not only did they love Sunshine D, but they might have

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Crown Boeka in Bo-Kaap

crown boeka in bo-kaap Food brings people together. And especially during Ramadaan, the breaking of the fast is a time of sharing and generosity. So, to show support to our biggest supporters during this time, we dropped off bottles of oil to homes in the Bo-Kaap and invited them to come to the Bo-Kaap Boeka

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Motley Crew

motley crew the movement alphabet CrossFit can be an intimidating sport. It also tends to use already-fit, ‘Insta-Ideal’ bodies to demonstrate movements. Motley Crew, a small South African gym franchise, wanted to make the sport more inclusive through a democratic design system. case study

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BOSCHENDAL MASTERY IN EVERY MOMENT When your new market needs a wine brand they can resonate with, you give them one. One that doesn’t intimidate with fancy flavour profiles and the usual wine snobbery. You give them Boschendal, In Good Company. radio



RISCURA UPSHOT If we ask the right questions, we can shape better futures. Every day, financial institutions make decisions that impact the lives of ordinary South Africans. But the truth is that most see numbers, not people. We wanted to bring the human need of care to every facet of investment influence. Introducing Upshot –

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JiVE Funny Festival 2023

jive funny festival 2023 Laughing at the JiVE Funny Festival is a full body exercise, one your abs need to be prepared for. Introducing the JiVE LOLympics a social media campaign that got consumers ready to LOL till they roll. social https://duke.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/JiveFunnyFestival_Vid1_OnlineCopy.mp4https://duke.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/fc06ed50-436c-4c5c-8f8f-70c492dc548d.mp4https://duke.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/66cc575b-cf3b-4feb-b363-9f0fff31ec7d.mp4

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Debt Busters

debt busters NUMBERS Making debt visible to save people’s financial lives. South Africa has one of the world’s worst debt problems. Sadly, the debt consolidation industry is marred by fly-by-night firms. So, we created this campaign to elevate DebtBusters above its competitors. The campaign saw a 54% y-o-y increase in sign ups. case study

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JiVE Funny Festival 2022

Jive funny festival Laughing at the JiVE Funny Festival is a full body excercise, one your abs need to be prepared for. Introducing the JiVE LOLympics – a social media campaign that got consumers ready to LOL till they roll social media https://duke.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Post-5.mp4https://duke.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Post-2.mp4https://duke.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Post-1.mp4

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Reboost Radio

reboost ta ta radio To be South African, to work in South Africa, means you need a special kind of energy. We decided to make heroes of everyday people and position Reboost as the energy drink for the South African workforce. radio https://youtu.be/toJt23uhur8https://youtu.be/hgzvT5Ocjwo

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JiVE Joke Vending Machine

Jive vending machine The world’s first joke powered vending machine. JiVE is a key sponsor of the Cape Town Funny Festival. And we needed to find a unique way to sample JiVE’s ‘Funny flavour’ at the event and beyond Enter stage right: The world’s first joke powered vending machine. case study

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JiVE fizzy pink lemonade

jive, coo-ee pink fizzy lemonade It’s for everyone. A campaign that unstereotypes the colour oink with the most inclusive and celebratory campaign. While society has decided that the colour pink is not for everyone, we disagree. New Fizzy Pink Lemonade is so delicious that it’s a flavour for all! And, it’s pretty much like this

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JiVE We mos all family

Jive we mos all family South Africans have very colourful families from our family blood-lines to the communities and people we adopt as family throughout our lives. So, for the brand that’s part of every family in the Western Cape and just as colourful, we wanted to bring this to life through visuals and copy

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Bokomo DLAB

BOKOMO DLAB We branded a non-branded, branded YouTube channel in the name of rusk love. We needed to build excitement around Bokomo Rusks in a challenging category. So, we launched an unbranded YouTube channel which showcased a fella name Llewelyn’s love for rusks. And then we branded it. And things only got wierder from there.

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JiVE Summer campaign

Jive summer campaign Giving a voice to the real Western Cape. JiVE soft drinks are a cultural icon in the Western Cape. This campaign led a full brand refresh, which not only gave the JiVE consumer a voice, but also celebrated their culture. Most notably, the campaign resulted in catapulting JiVE to the 2nd largest soft

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Web Africa

web africa the internet Webafrica brings you  THE INTERNET. An online series featuring three unlikely characters that figuratively represent the world of the internet… literally.   https://youtu.be/3QTCjfvVTk8https://youtu.be/iamGiv5NZS8https://youtu.be/nOPwbvtzTRkhttps://youtu.be/9lRX_IWr0Oshttps://youtu.be/VXNNJI1OZ8M

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coo-ee 75 years of good times To celebrate the birthday of a brand that’s been around since your grandfather’s time, we honed in on “the good times” as an ode to all the generations that have enjoyed Coo-ee and all the moments that it’s been a part of.

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IMBO – The Binge

imbo the binge Meet the Bingie – a fashion- forward hoodie designed to carry your popcorn in close proximity to your face, while you watch TV shows. Like guilt-free Imbo popcorn, it’s designed to enable guilt-free binge watching. case study https://youtu.be/0XAz1GqbvJ0https://youtu.be/CDCcQCGeaO4

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Hay’ Kabi

PEPSI Hay’ Kabi A campaign for Pepsi aimed at Gen Z’s. Hay’ Kabi, means “No disrespect but…” It’s a bold and fearless statement about a new generation that isn’t waiting for change, but leading it.

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