The Women Behind CHAMP

This month, we’re celebrating the inspiring women lead teams within the DUKE Group and CHAMP is on the top of our list with a stellar team of formidable women.  

Led by Meagan Fester and UV Thenga, CHAMP are sponsorship specialists with the full might of the DUKE Group in their corner, going beyond sponsorship by crafting memorable experiences that connect passionate brands and peoples’ passions. 

Their vision? To grow a formidable agency that opens doors for individuals who would have otherwise not had the opportunity, striving to create a space for women to have creative, leadership or management freedom within their careers. 

Playing it safe and being apprehensive when it comes to spreading their wings is no option for these powerhouse females in a very male dominated industry. Showing up and saying yes to opportunities while making space for other women to shine their light is a top priority. 

Meagan hopes to create a legacy where all women see their worth, find their voice and feel safe enough to share that with the world while UV aims to be able to pave a clear path for the next generation of young professionals to follow. 

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women” – Maya Angelou