Duke Group


The world changed & DUKE was created. A full-service, future-thinking agency with a 5% difference. Call it whatever you want. 

We call it 5% gangster. Made from one part tenacity. One part audacity. A touch of rogue. And a whole lot of real.

Being 5% gangster means we’ve learnt that some rules  of the street apply in the boardroom.

It’s why we always give an extra 5% nudge, believe in being 5% unexpected, go for whatever’s 5% bigger, add 5% more meaning to everything, and generate 5% more market share.

And it’s what makes us 5% more memorable too.

So, yes, we’re 5% gangster. But you can’t just be all gangster,  all the time. That’s where the other 95% comes in – purpose. We think that anything is worth doing if you can make the world better. And our fierce love for the work and the people is why we make the best ideas come alive while creating a brand that’s loved.

Oh, and trust us, we know how to make the bottom line shine while the rest of the market sweats.

Our Agencies.

The DUKE Group is a tight collaboration and integration of different disciplines brought together to best help clients to succeed in a progressively challenging and fluid environment.

The DUKE Group
is proudly

independent & LEVEL 1  B-BBEE COMPLIANT


Our Key People.

Wayne Naidoo


Amy Leibbrandt

Fame Managing director

Nino Naidoo

Duchess Managing Director

Fu'aad Kasu

Creative Director

Sabina Lawrie

Art Director

Doug Larter

Creative Director

Martinique Daniels


Jade Stuckie

Graphic Designer

Michael Naidoo

Financial Manager

Rene Robinson

Copy Writer

Phumla Fose

office assistant

Alex Sydow


Nabeelah Ahmed

Account Executive

Firza Adams


Joshua Carelse

Social Media Manager

Nisreen Nakerdien

Head of Traffic

Tracy Botha


Thulani Jara

Traffic Manager

Marizane Badenhorst


Pamela Madulini

office assistant

Fiona Braga


Lana Geduld

production assistant

Sharon Martin

Senior producer

Georgina Mhlahlo

media planner

Jacques Carstens

media planner

What We Do.


Our strategic team delivers real-world marketing plans to help businesses find their edge in these challenging times.

This ranges from insight development, brand and marketing strategy, all the way through to PR and media strategy.


We have a multi-disciplinary, media-agnostic creative team who works across channels, brands and levels of engagement. We believe in the power of external collaboration and creating work which is culturally nuanced and aware.


Our strategically led brand development team implements brand identity creation, as well as packaging and spacial design. We have a high focus customer experience, whether it’s in UX design or within a physical environment.


We create connection points between passionate brands and people’s passions.

We are sponsorship specialists with the full might of the DUKE Group in our corner. We give you the direct coverage of a full-service communications agency, adept at everything from strategic consulting, event creation and delivery, to content production, measurement and evaluation.


Our specialist team brings a modern approach to public relations.

This ranges from content creation, media relations all the way through the development and delivery of influencer campaigns.


Our digital team is focused on developing campaign-led digital, which is able to deliver on both a UX and performance front.

This includes incorporating cutting-edge media types, like VR, into the campaign mix.


Our media team focuses on high performance and efficiency for our clients.

We utilise leading-edge tools and technologies and are one of the most highly accredited teams in the country.


Owned by women. Run by women. Produced by women. We are creative go-betweeners.

We connect needs and ideas with a network of production specialists, giving first option to female experts. Then we make it all happen. Committed to excellence, we find talent, we grow talent, we are talent. We are the production facilitator of the future. Enter Duchess.

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