Duke Group

Duke and Copysmith partner for AI writing services

Duke recently signed up as the first South African enterprise to partner with Copysmith, the AI copywriting and content generation platform. The unique conceptualisation tool will be utilised by the agency to explore creative concepts, help with brand essence generation and speed up the copywriting and ideation process.Whilst some agencies might shy away from the technology, Duke has embraced the idea with a view to enhancing and accelerating the creative process. Comments Duke ECD Suhana Gordhan: “The initial reaction to this could easily be fear and dread. Is AI about to take away our jobs? But the more you get into it, the more you realise that this tool is made more powerful by the human who helps teach it. And I love that – it’s not about fear but rather meeting the future and making fast friends with it. Copysmith is a powerful tool that we believe will boost our capacity and help us to create faster. Our creative and strategic teams are able to generate a multitude of ideas and explore creative territory really quickly. There has huge potential to enhance so many areas of creativity in our business.”

Adds Copysmith chief creative officer Iain Thomas: “We’re delighted that Duke immediately recognised the potential of our offering to enhance their business. Copysmith adds so much value to any language process, from generating ideas to creating taglines, brand essence origination and even writing product descriptions for e-commerce platforms. Duke really has opted to be at the forefront of an evolution in artificial intelligence and we’re excited to continue to collaborate and learn from each other as we develop the platform further.”