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Duke Launches #DalaYourColour Jive Summer Campaign

Duke, in collaboration with Mark1 and Positive Dialogue, created quite a stir in one of Cape Town’s most historic neighbourhoods with the launch of Jive’s #DalaYourColour Bo-Kaap campaign.

To kick off the launch of the annual Jive summer campaign, the agency painted four of the iconic and colourful Bo-Kaap homes, as well as the adjacent Iziko Bo-Kaap Museum, in stark plain white to draw attention to the significance of colour in our lives.

The campaign was further supported by a photojournalistic, documentary-style, online campaign that showcases the fascinating histories and stories of 10 colourful, firmly entrenched personalities of the Cape.

Gareth Cohen, Creative director at Duke, said, ‘Jive is arguably the Western Cape’s most colourful beverage, so for this year’s festive campaign, we asked the public to #DalaYourColour. The bright, colourful homes of the Bo-Kaap mimic Jive’s colourful culture and identity. But what if we stripped it of colour?’

As a PR stunt, for two days the standout white buildings stood in stark white. The stunt served as a reminder for South Africans to not take the heritage and traditions of the Bo-Kaap for granted. With the help of Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato, Jive restored the homes to their original bold hues and gave the Iziko Museum a much-needed facelift.

Sharief Parker, Founder of Jive said, ‘Colour has always informed the cultural heritage of the Bo-Kaap and 2020 was a powerful reminder of the need to never take for granted our freedom, culture and individuality. The #DalaYourColour campaign is a tribute to the richness and resilience of the people of the Western Cape.’

‘Everyone knows the Bo-Kaap for its colourful houses but what makes this neighbourhood and many others in the Western Cape truly unique is not just the painted houses but the vibrant characters that live there. We want to celebrate the colourful people of the Cape,’ Cohen concluded.